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Proline Water Ski ropes handles and accessories are part of the Connelly Water ski group, founded in 1965, their mission has always been dedicated to producing a full range of great Water Ski and Wakeboard ropes lines and handles to suit a wide range of Budgets.

Originally famous for the ultra high performance tournament level Water Ski Mainlines and super robust handles they have taken this high level of expertise and now produce great products for all levels of riders, some of the recreational level water ski combs offer superb value for money whilst staying true to this original formula of performance rated products

Check out this great range of Ski ropes and handles to suit all budgets and abilities. Proline offer a range of every type of rope and handle for every type of lake-day need. We are sure you will be as impressed as we were when we started working with Proline a few seasons ago.


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Colour: Black White
Size: 1-6 Riders
Year: 2019
Level: All Skill Levels
Gender: Everyone

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