Action Sports International Advice Center

Action Sports International Advice Center

Technical Advice and Guidance on How To ... Choose, Measure, Fit, Ride, Ski etc

How to Choose a Wetsuit

For a first timer the choice of wetsuits can be bewildering but it need not be. We have designed this simple guide to help you choose the right wetsuit for you. Just ask yourself 3 simple questions:-   read more

Choosing a Tube Rope

Make sure you have the correct rope for your tube:-   read more

How to Measure Your Head Size for a Helmet

A correctly fitting helmet is incredibly important. It ensures that the helmet functions as designed and offers the best level of protection possible:-   read more

Advice and Safety Guidance for Paddleboarding

Looking for an activity that can be enjoyed by the whole family and also keep you fit? Stand-up paddleboarding or SUP is becoming increasingly popular. Here are expert tips from the RNLI on how to paddleboard and stay safe.-   read more

Advice on Buying a Buoyancy Aid / Impact Vest or Life Jacket

Buoyancy Aids, or Personal Flotation Devices (PFD's) as they are often referred to, have come a long way in recent years and they are now light and comfortable to wear, attractive to look at, and do not restrict your movement in the way that many older models used to:-   read more

Wakeboard handles and Ropes Guide

How to Choose Wakeboard Ropes and Handles. Wakeboard ropes are different to water ski ropes:-   read more

Waterski Advice Guide

The individual features of waterskis determine exactly how they perform on the water. There are numerous design factors that we could discuss here, but we have focused just on those that are most important to the novice:-    read more

Guide to Buying a Towable Inflatable Tube

Riding on a towable tube, also known as tubing, is one of the best of all recreational water sports as is requires little or no skill (other than being able to swim and hang on!) and can be enjoyed by virtually anyone of any age:-    read more

Wakeboard Binding Guide

How to choose and fit your Wakeboard Bindings:-    read more

Wakeskate Buying Guide and Advice

How do you choose the right size Wakeskate?  Your weight is the main factor in determining the size Wakeskate you should choose:-   read more

Boat Wakeshapers Most Frequently Asked Questions

Answers to questions such as "Will it work on my boat?", "Will it work with built-in surf systems?", etc:-    read more

Advice on Buying a Kneeboard

Features covered include construction, hooks, rockers, edges, fins, pads and straps:-    read more

How to choose your Water-Ski Rope and handle combo

Waterski ropes are usually 60-75 feet long and are made of a slightly stretchy polyethylene (Poly-e) rope that is designed to be forgiving and cushion a certain amount of the load on the arms as the skier loads the line:-    read more