Advice - Wakeboard Bindings

Advice - Wakeboard Bindings

ActionSportsInternational Guide to Fitting your Wakeboard Bindings

Here are a few tips on how to make sure you get the correct fit for you,

Sizing – Most bindings are listed on the outside of the Box in US sizes – UK is around 1 size down for men and 2 sizes for ladies,

So US men’s 10-11 is about UK 9-10 US Ladies 7-9 is around UK 5-7

Some brands / models have a different adjustment 0.5 either way,

Fit – Closed Toe Bindings,

Bindings will grow with USE as they bed in to fit your feet, they will mold to the shape of your feet – some bindings have special moldable foam that will conform to your foots actual shape, others will mold naturally.

1)   Open the boot up fully – make sure laces, straps or Velcro is fully opened, The boots may be stiff around the cuff and you will have to push your foot into the boot, remember when they are wet and with and with Lube feet go in much easier.

2)   Slide your foot fully into the boot and stand up– the boot should feel very snug – almost too tight at this stage,

3)   Pull up the laces or Velcro firmly and rock your leg forwards and backwards to settle the laces and your feet in the boot

4)   Stand in a wakeboard Stance with your weight pushing down into the boot and your knees bent and pushed forward over your toes.

This is the time to check the size is correct, your toes should be very close to the end of the boot and your heel should be pushed back into the heel pocket,

If your toes are rammed into the end of the boot they are too small if they are loose and the heel is not held in place the boots are too big.

Remember the boots will grow up to 0.5 size after they have been ridden a few times and will mold to fit your feet

Fit – Open Toe Bindings,

As above but the toes will be free so make sure the heel is fully back in the boot and not slopping around in the boot too much.