Liquid Force Wakesurf Edge Wakeshaper Mega Edge 250


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Liquid Force Mega Wakesurf Edge Wake System for Wakeboard Boats - Bigger boats call for more water displacement to make a bigger, longer wake.

With an 85% bigger face than the Wakesurf Edge Pro, the Liquid Force Mega Wakesurf Edge Wake System creates the biggest wake for larger boats. The patented concave water channeling surface displaces water and increases the length of the wake and keeps it incredibly clean.

The MEGA Wakesurf Edge is made from super durable non-corrosive material and has strong suction cup attachments that won't damage gel-coat or leave markings on your boat. IT FLOATS! No need to worry about your investment sinking to the bottom.

To make the most of the MEGA Wakesurf Edge, your boat should be 22' or longer, have a 325hp engine or greater, and a ballast system.

It will work on most inboard boats, though you should measure your boat to make sure. The suction cups need 4.5" of smooth, flat surface to attach to. If there is a lip/step above the attachment area on your hull that protrudes more than 3/8", then you will need 6.5" of smooth flat surface instead of 4.5". The suction cups can handle 1/4" of curvature over a 5" distance. If the attachment area on your hull has more curvature than that (as with some 2005-2008 Malibu 23LSV hulls), then you will need to purchase our Curvature Adapter Rings and install them onto your Wakesurf Edge Shaper.

Liquid Force Mega Wakesurf Edge Wake System Design Details

  • Largest Water Displacement Face - For maximum wave height!
  • HUGE Water Displacement Wing for Maximum Wave Height! The LARGEST Wake Shaper Face (14" x 18" = 252sq")
  • Super Strong Suction Cup Attachment - Easy to use - quick on/off - stronger than competition… won't damage gel coat or leave markings on your boat
  • It Floats! - No reason to worry about your wave making investment sinking to the bottom of the lake like some other brand’s models.
  • Concave Water Channeling Surface - Pushes water in a manner that increases the length of the wave and keeps it super clean!
  • Made with Super Durable Non-corrosive Material - Long lasting, and won’t rust or stain your boat.


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The Liquid Force Wakeshaper Surf Edge will make a small wake bigger and transform a big wake into a Tsunami! 

Teach your old boat some new tricks! The Wakesurf edge helps you get the best surf performance from your boat.

Adjustable design lets you decide! Shift the Wakesurf Edge location on the fly to create deeper pockets or a longer wake face with more push. New boat or old, the wake surf edge will increase your wake and boost your wake surfing fun!

HUGE Water Displacement Wing for Maximum Wave Height! The LARGEST Wake Shaper Face (14" x 18" = 252sq")

Patented Concave Water Channelling Wing

Super Strong Suction Cup Attachment!

Made with Rust-free Materials and FLOATS!

Do NOT tether shaper to Boat.

For Boats 21' or Longer, Have a 325hp Engine or Greater, and Sumo Ballast System

Level Load Boat for Nose Down for the Captain's Visibility and a Long Wake

HUGE Water Displacement Wing for Maximum Wave Height! The LARGEST Wake Shaper Face (14" x 18" = 252sq")