Bern Watts H2O Watersports Helmet


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COLOUR Matt Sand, Grey Green,Leaf Green

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Bern Watts H20 Water Sport Certified Crash Helmet with Venting and Peak, designed for a high performance level of impact protection, specifically for water use.

The Watts H2O model is a certified EN 1385, visor styled water specific sports helmet. Featuring an ABS shell lined with soft and comfortable EPP foam that is fused to closed cell EVA faced with a soft terry cloth against your skin, offering the perfect match between comfort and technical protection. This helmet is designed for multiple lower impacts and great for wakeboarding at the cable park, kayaking, or kiting. Snap on rubber ear protection is available to keep your ear drums safe as well as deflecting lower side abrasion.

Bern Watts H2O Watersports Wakeboard Helmet Producet Features

  • Eyewear channel - unique channels allow for comfort and fit with most glasses
  • Sink Fit design - so the helmet sits lower around your head and not on top like a mushroom.
  • High Impact protection from ABS shell
  • Vented outer shell combined with Peak design
  • Lined with soft and comfortable EPP foam that is fused to closed cell EVA faced with a soft terry cloth against your skin
  • Snap chin buckle
  • Designed for multiple lower impacts and great for wakeboarding at the cable park, kayaking, or kiting
  • Weight 510g


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Bern Watts H2O Watersports Helmet is the original visor helmet certified for watersports use.

The Bern WATTS Water Sports helmet is a 7 vent helmet with a built in peak to keep the spray and sunlight out of your eyes - it is great for all water sports - white water kayaking canoeing wakeboarding waterskiing wake skating kite boarding.

It has an ABS shell lined with soft moisture wicking Brock Foam and closed cell neoprene foam layer to help protect the helmet from becoming waterlogged.

The Bern Hard Hat technology provides a new head protection option for athletes that have not been into into wearing helmets until now. Using a patented multiple impact breathable BROCK foam this Bern helmet technology keeps riders dry and cool while allowing air to flow in all directions. User response to this new technology has been amazing. A cumbersome helmet was never cool but it served its purpose. With the Bern Hard Hat technology helmets are now a sweet necessary accessory that provides ultimate protection.

Brock Foam offers multi-impact performance porosity and breath-ability and 3D airflow. Air and moisture circulate in any direction without the risk of absorption and the Foam does not harbor moisture and dries quickly after each wakeboarding and kayaking session. Brock Foam is also very resilient and returns to its original shape after impact thereby offering protection for multiple impacts.

  • Worth knowing: The Bern Watts H20 helmet is certified for watersports use CE1385.
  • Sink Fit design - so the helmet sits lower around your head and not on top like a mushroom.
  • High Impact protection from ABS shell with Brock Foam internal foam for multi-impact protection
  • Vented outer shell combined with Peak design - 7 Vents Integrated Brim
  • Brock Foam - Soft Breathable Foam that circulates air and sucks moisture - allowing the water to permeate straight though the foam
  • 3-point strap adjustment
  • Snap chin buckle
  • Weight - 15.5-16.8 oz


  • Designed specifically for water sports use
  • This Helmet is amazing for all levels of Canoeing and White Water
  • Perfect for a wide variety of different water sports disciplines and levels of ability
  • This Helmet is designed to adjust perfectly to your head and to stay put for your total protection
  • The ultra tough ABS thermoplastic polymer injection molded shell is designed to absorb impacts and keep you safe and secure
  • This helmet is fully certified and approved by the European Committee for Standardisation (CE EN)
  • The Top and Side Vents allow this Helmet to breathe and provide excellent air flow and cooling around your head
  • The breathable design keeps you well ventilated and comfortable all day
  • This helmet is great for Kayaking and White Water
  • The clever Brock Foam breathable liner circulates air around the inside of the helmet and literally sucks out moisture to keep you ultra comfortable
  • This Helmet is perfect for Wakeboarding as well as all other water sports
  • Ideal for year-round use from Spring and Summer right through to Autumn and Winter
  • The Detachable Ear Pads provide extra protection for your ears and add extra warmth on those colder days
  • This product offers particularly high Impact Protection and is designed to protect your head from even the harshest of bumps and scrapes
  • The strong adjustable strap ensures a perfect fit for your comfort and safety
  • The EPP (Expanded Polyproplyene Foam) interior provides comfort and flexibility
  • Makes use of construction techniques and materials that are specifically chosen for their high strength and excellent durability
  • This is a Sink Fit Design Helmet so will sit slightly lower on you head rather than perched on top of it like a mushroom
  • The clever Moisture Control technology prevents the excessive build-up of sweat to keep you comfortable and at your best


  • S - 54-55.5 cm
  • M - 55.5-57 cm
  • L - 57.5-59 cm
  • XL - 59-60.5 cm
  • XXL - 60.5-62 cm


Measure the circumference of your head using a soft tape measure running the tape around your head at the widest point from forehead across the temples and around the back.

Good to know: The Bern Watts H2O helmet is certified for water sports use CE1385.