Liquid Force Flite 120 Foil Set 2024

Liquid Force Flite 120 Foil Set 2024

Liquid Force Flite 120 Foil Set 2024

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YEAR 2024
MPN 2225353

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Liquid Force 2024 Flite 120 Foil Set - Allows you to progress quickly! 

Continue your foiling journey right  

You’ve mastered the basics!  Probably coming off of the Launch 120 Foil Kit, you’re up in the air and are all-in on foiling now. If you want to take flight, you are going to need the right tools. Learn to foil with all the upgrades included in more advanced kits. With the addition of the TC 28 stabilizer, customizable shim kit, and 27" alloy mast, the Flite 120 Foil Set allows you to progress quickly through the learning stages and keep progressing well into the intermediate stages.

The Flight 120 Kit has all the great features of the Launch Kit, but with two specific upgrades.  With the Flight Kit, you’ll get a longer 27” Aluminum Alloy Mast and the TC 28 Tail Wing.  The longer mast will give you more height off the surface of the water to begin mastering pumping and the upgraded rear wing provides more stability as you start venturing out from the 1st Wake!

Once you feel comfortable on the Flite 120, start checking out the LF Horizon line for your next progression deeper into Foiling!


  • Super Stable Flight - Performs at Lower Speeds
  • Maximize Your Progression with the Upgraded 27” Mast and TC 28 Rear Wing
  • Only the Highest quality materials are used throughout.
  • Everything you need to begin venturing out past the 1st Wake and Pumping!


  • Flite 120 Front Wing - Surface Area 1200 cm² | Wingspan 65 cm
  • TC 28 Rear Stabilizer Wing - Surface Area 280 cm²
  • 27" Alloy Mast
  • 54 cm Bayonet Fuselage
  • Padded Wing Covers

Aspects of Foil Technology and Terminology


Stability can be thought of as the ability to recover with minimal effort. Highly stable foils will allow you to make mistakes and get off balance but wont effect your ride or ability to maintain lift. These foils are not as agile or nimble and can not be turned as hard or used as aggressively. The Horizon 190 and 155 would fall into this category. At the other end you will find the Glider 95 which is highly maneuverable, but you need to be a bit more on you’re A game to harness the magic.


Good pumping foils give good glide and enough lift with minimal effort put in by the rider. With every physical movement expended by the rider, the foil needs to translate that into speed and forward movement. Bigger foils can go slower and are easy to get going at the begging. The Horizon 190 is a great foil for dock starts and starting from zero. The Glider series needs speed to start but once you are going, it is much easier to maintain momentum.


  • High Aspect = High Speed
  • Medium Aspect = Medium Speed

The speed can be directly related to the efficiency of the wing. The High Aspect Wings have lower drag and therefore are able to reach higher speeds. By the same token, size affects the speed as well. Smaller wings can go faster due to the lower drag.


Area is the first indicator of how the foil will perform. Larger area wings are made for going slower and accommodating heavier riders. Smaller wings will be faster. Area is not an indicator of skill level. Smaller wings will be used by both novice and advanced riders. Advanced riders will gravitate towards smaller wings due to the increase in speed that is possible. Novice riders will also gravitate towards smaller wings as the lift of the smaller wings is less and more manageable for the first time rider.


Wingspan, defined as the tip to tip distance of a foil. The Wingspan primarily controls a foils ability to roil. The shorter the wingspan the easier it is to roll the wing over and get a high banking turn. The Wingspan also effects the drag and overall speed of the wing. For a wing of a given area and lift profile, extending the wingspan allows you to shorten the chord length while keeping a similar amount of lift. This usually equates to lower drag and a higher speed foil.


Defined as the wingspan ^2 divided by the wing area (B^2/S), the aspect ratio is the defining term for the efficiency of a foil. Typically speaking , the higher the aspect the more efficient the foil is. This leads to longer glides and higher speeds. The higher aspect wings have a higher level of required skill to ride and are not as forgiving as a medium aspect wing. Most beginner to intermediate riders will gravitate towards a medium aspect foil (3-6) due to the ability to achieve lift at lower speeds and bigger sweet spot that allows for easy recoveries while foiling. Advanced riders will gravitate towards a high aspect roil (7-10) as the overall speed the foil can go and generate is much higher. This leads to more progressive foiling.


Foils can be ridden in just about any conditions. That is the beauty of it. Foils allow the previously unrideable to be ridden and give new life to the status quo. Within the seemingly endless variety of conditions that occur, there are designs that are better suited for the conditions. Bigger waves will require smaller faster foils while smaller waves need bigger foils. The Horizon line (Medium-Aspect) covers pretty much all conditions you will find yourself in a lake. The 190 will work for jetskis and direct drives. The 155 will work on any watercraft that can tow you. The 120 will be best suited for your traditional surf/wake boat. The Glider line (High Aspect) will take you even further. The 115 works great for your surf/wake boat and the 95 while also working in those conditions will get you out into the ocean surf as your foiling expands into new realms.


MED 5/10
GREAT 10/10
FAST 9/10
GLIDER 95MED 5/10GREAT 9/10FAST 10/10950908.5OCEAN SURF
HORIZON 190GREAT 10/10GREAT 9/10SLOW 4/1019001005.3SMALL BUMPS
HORIZON 155GREAT 10/10MED 6/10MED 6/101550804.1EVERYTHING
HORIZON 120GREAT 8/10MED 4/10MED 7/101200805.3SURF BOATS
FLIGHT 120GREAT 10/10MED 4/10SLOW 4/101200653.5LEARNING
G21 STABMED 7/10MED 7/10FAST 10/10210355.8ALL
H24 STABMED 7/10MED 7/10MED 6/10240375.7ALL
TC28 STABGREAT 9/10MED 9/10MED 5/10280405.7ALL

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