Garmont Chrono GTX Classic Hiking Ankle Mountain Boots

Garmont Chrono GTX Classic Hiking Ankle Mountain Boots

Garmont Chrono GTX Classic Hiking Ankle Mountain Boots

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Garmont Chrono GTX Mountaineering - Light, durable and fully waterproof. 

The Garmont Chrono GTX is the perfect general use mountaineering boot, ideal for mountain walking and backpacking. 

The Chrono GTX Hiking Boots are a durable, high-performance Waterproof hiking boot that exudes sophistication, style, and class. A great choice for hikers of all levels. Made from premium quality materials, these hiking boots boast a stylish and modern design that perfectly balances fashion and functionality. 

Please note: Variation sizes with a prefix of "XDisplay" are brand new boots/shoes, never been worn, in original packaging but previously been on display at exhibitions. Hence sales price has been discounted by a further 20%.

Classic mountain boots, ideal for light trekking

  • Waterproof boots with Gore-Tex Lining
  • 1.8 mm oiled nubuck leather and mesh upper
  • EVA and cork midsole
  • Insole and tread made with recycled materials
  • Standard lacing with metal lacing loops
  • Michelin® Offroad Sole offering 
  • Traction. Lightness. Flexibility.
  • Specific compound for approach in toe area
  • Siped sculpture for adaptability and adherence
  • Tread distribution for lightness, flexibility and traction
  • Fiber Lite coring insert for lightness
  • Triangular sculptures on heel for braking

Garmont Chrono GTX Product Features: 


Optimized climate comfort for warmer conditions and during higher activity levels - durable waterproof protection. 

Shoes engineered with Gore Tex® Extended Comfort product technology are designed for indoor and outdoor use in moderate weather conditions or during higher activity levels. They are durably waterproof combined with optimized breathability and therefore the ideal solution for people who value outstanding climate comfort and heat release.

Add® Design Details

Garmont's Anatomically Directed Design (a.d.d.®) enables your foot's natural ability to stabilize, absorb shock, and propel forward. Fit is enhanced to closely matching design and function to the natural asymmetric shape of your feet.

The set of design solutions addresses foot asymmetries to provide a perfect fit

Soles by Michelin® develops customised soles leveraging its cross-functional expertise and works with major brands around the world.  Garmont® has partnered with Michelin® to develop several customised soles for our products that deliver high performance in all activities.

Ortholite Footbeds

Here’s how OrthoLite® continues to set the standard:


All OrthoLite® foams contain 5% recycled rubber, helping keep hundreds of tons of waste out of landfills each year.

Long-Term Cushioning

Unlike traditional foam, OrthoLite® foam compresses less than 5% over the lifetime of the product—so the cushioning, fit, comfort and performance never change.

Moisture Management

The unique open-cell structure of OrthoLite® foam creates a moisture management system, helping to move moisture away and provide a cooler, drier, healthier environment in any application.

High Level Breathability

OrthoLite® foam’s open-cell PU technology is 95% to 100% breathable, allowing air to circulate in and around the foam, keeping the surrounding environment cooler.


OrthoLite® foams are extremely lightweight—enhancing performance with day-in, day-out airy comfort.


OrthoLite® foams are machine washable, coming out like new every time while maintaining all of the comfort and performance benefits after washing.





How to care for your new Garmont boots

If you just bought a new pair of hiking boots but don’t know how to care for them, this is the right article for you. In this guide you can find a number of simple tips to make your mountain boots last longer.

Cleaning always comes first

The first thing to keep in mind is that cleaning always comes first. In general, make sure you remove mud and dirt using water and a soft brush or a cloth; don’t use chemical detergents. Most of the times, damage to the GORE-TEX® membrane is caused by the presence of small stones inside the shoe, so we suggest that you remove the insole to make sure that there are no stones or sand inside of the boot. Don’t be lazy, clean your boots after every hike!

Tip: DON’T machine wash your boots, it could affect the upper or other parts of the shoe.

How to dry your boots correctly  

Now that your boots are clean, you need to wait for them to dry. Allow your hiking boots to dry naturally, in a dry and well-ventilated place away from heat sources. Keep your boots away from direct sunlight, heaters or stoves, because the upper leather could dry out excessively, becoming brittle and losing its elasticity. The best way to dry your boots is to leave them out in the air, away from direct sunlight: the ideal place is a porch or a veranda. If your boots are very wet and the inner lining is damp, you can compact crumpled newspaper sheets into them to absorb moisture. This should do the trick: it also prevents your boots from deforming as they dry out.

Waterproof your boots regularly

Something you definitely don’t want to deal with is wet feet while hiking. To prevent this, make sure you know how to waterproof your hiking footwear. Mud, dirt and bad weather can affect the waterproof membrane of your boots and eventually compromise on water resistance and breathability. If your boots have a waterproof membrane like GORE-TEX® or G-DRY, you can use a waterproof spray to preserve the coating and the outer fabric’s waterproof properties. You can use any waterproof spray for hiking boots, just make sure you follow the manufacturer’s instructions about how to use it and how often. If your boots are made of full grain leather, instead, you can use a specific shoe wax or cream to nourish the leather and preserve the upper’s natural waterproof properties. We suggest that you carefully read the manufacturer’s instructions in any case, because the wrong product can ruin your boots forever.

Tip: if you don’t know what material your Garmont boots upper is made of, you can read the product details or contact our customer service.

Don’t forget you can in many cases resole your hiking shoes  

The many miles of hiking, especially across gravel and rocks, will slowly but inevitably wear the sole down. The part that wears down the most is the tread, i.e. the rubber part that touches the ground and that is designed to provide grip and traction. Worn-out soles can affect grip and stability and increase the risk of slips or accidents, so we strongly suggest that you do not use worn-out hiking boots. Soles often wear out faster than the upper so it’s a shame to throw your boots away and buy new ones. That’s why you can go to a shoe repair shop and have them resoled. It means to put a new sole on or to replace worn-out components so that you can continue to use your boots. Of course original GARMONT soles are not available at shoe repair shops, since they are customised items, but you can ask for compatible soles.  

Tip: if your boots have a VIBRAM® sole, you can find a VIBRAM®-certified shoe repair shop near you in the “Shoe Repair Locator” section of the VIBRAM® website.

How to store your boots

Correctly storing hiking boots after cleaning is something that is often overlooked. First of all, make sure you dry your boots properly before storing them away to prevent mould from growing on them. Tie the laces to prevent your boots from deforming and put them in their box; do not store them in plastic bags. Store the box at a temperature between 18 and 20°C, avoid storing them at very low temperatures e.g. the basement or at high temperatures, e.g. the attic. A closet is the perfect place to store your boots.

Tip: wear your boots on a regular basis, in order to keep the soles’ material “active” and prevent hydrolysis; to find out more about it, go to the FAQ section of the Garmont website.

Always check the laces and the inside of your boots

Laces are subject to wear and tear and can fray, especially in case of metal eyelets. Before going on a hike, check the laces to make sure that they are in good condition, and if they’re not, bring some spare laces with you, just in case you break one in the wilderness. Insoles can also wear out after miles and miles of hiking, so don’t forget to check them and replace them if they are worn out. To clean insoles, just use lukewarm water and a brush; do not machine wash them because it could affect their shape and properties.


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