Why Autumn Is A Great Season For Water Sports Enthusiasts

Why Autumn Is A Great Season For Water Sports Enthusiasts

Summer is now in the rearview mirror and as the leaves turn brown and the days get shorter, autumn will bring with it a unique set of challenges and opportunities for water sports enthusiasts. 

Great conditions on the water and unmissable promo offers are just two of the perks of autumn. So if you’re keen to ride the autumn waves and you’re looking for ways you can take advantage of the seasonal change, here are some exciting water sports trends that are not to be missed!

Stand-Up Paddleboarding (SUP)

As temperatures start to cool down, stand-up paddleboarding retains its appeal as autumn provides the perfect conditions for a serene paddle on calmer waters. 

Oh and don’t forget to take note of the beautiful backdrop of orange and red foliage reflected on the water's surface!

Cold Water Surfing

For surfers, autumn means only one thing: catching some of the best swells of the year. 

A combination of consistent swells, offshore winds, fewer crowds and more favourable swell directions make autumn a prime season for surfing in the UK.

Another perk is that the summer-only surfers will no doubt be put off by the colder waters, meaning fewer people and less chance of crowded waves. 

Kayak Fishing

Many people share a love for fishing and kayaking. If you’re one of them, why not combine your passion for both with a fun and exciting kayak fishing adventure this autumn?

Autumn is an ideal season for kayak fishing here in the UK due to the milder temperatures, reduced crowds and the active, migrating fish. So if you’re searching for the ideal time to get out on the waters for a successful day of angling, there’s no time like the present! 


Autumn offers prime conditions for windsurfing due to its consistent winds, less crowded waters and comfortable temperatures. 

So whether you're an experienced windsurfer looking to put your skills to the test, or you’re a complete beginner ready to try out a potential new hobby, the cooler weather and steady gusts make this the ideal season.


When autumn rolls around, it usually brings consistent and strong winds with it, creating ideal conditions for kiteboarding.

Gusty winds can provide ample power for thrilling rides, providing the perfect springboard to perform tricks and hone your skills on the water.

Off-Season Discounts

If you’ve been looking to upgrade some of your Watersport Equipment, but you’ve been waiting for the perfect time to bag a bargain, now might be it!

Take advantage of autumn sales and off-season discounts to upgrade your watersports gear. It's an excellent opportunity to invest in quality equipment while saving some precious pounds in the process.

Exercise Caution

Although autumn can make for a great time to get on the water for all the reasons mentioned, it’s important to stay safe in the colder months. As the waters cool down, remember to dress appropriately in wetsuits or drysuits and always follow safety guidelines. 

So those are the main ways you can take advantage of the changing seasons. Whether you’re surfing, fishing, kayaking or windsurfing, autumn offers a variety of benefits for water sports fanatics to take advantage of.