Watersports accidents do not have to happen.

Watersports accidents do not have to happen.

Watersports safety

2022 saw a number of fatal accidents reported in the media of people involved in watersports activities. In the majority of these incidents, basic safety advice was not followed or ignored completely. Watersports activities take place in a wide range of environments involving vastly differing risks. Well managed activities bring about individual health and wellbeing benefits, along with positive tourism and economic impacts.

Drowning death and injuries are preventable and you can make a big difference by:

  • Ensuring that you and your family can swim, be water confident, and have water safety skills
  • Making smart choices, such as swimming at lifeguarded beaches and pools
  • Use the correct safety equipment; this may include a life-jacket.
  • Becoming aware of, and knowing how to avoid key water-safety hazards; such as rips, cold-water, moving water whilst outside.
  • Knowing what to do in an emergency

It is a fact that people who get into difficulties whilst pursuing sporting activities have usually failed to take adequate safety precautions in light of the conditions and their ability.

Click here to visit the website of one of the leading safety charities, RoSPA, which offers a wealth of safety advice and guidance.

Stay safe - You know it makes sense