5 Hobbies To Keep You Physically Active This Winter

5 Hobbies To Keep You Physically Active This Winter

Winter is now upon us, and for many that usually means a relaxing few months with the feet up until the temperature starts to rise in the spring. However, if you’re the active type then chances are you’re keen to stay busy despite the plummeting temperatures!

Thankfully we’re on hand to help you do just that. So here are five physical activities you can get involved in this winter to help you have fun, stay in shape and banish those winter blues!


Okay, so it’s unlikely wakesurfing was what you had in mind when we said we’d recommend some fun winter activities, but hear us out! 

Although many people think of hot, sunny days when they hear the word “watersports”, the truth is winter can actually provide conditions that are just as good. In fact, for wakesurfing, the blustery conditions of winter are the best you’ll find all year.

So if you’re looking for a new hobby that’s exciting, guaranteed to provide a thrill a minute and perfect for the winter weather, wakesurfing ticks all of those boxes.

If you’re keen to try out wakesurfing then we stock all the watersports equipment you’ll need to get started so speak to us today. 

Martial Arts

For some, watersport may seem a little hardcore in winter. If you’re one of them but you’re still searching for something challenging and exhilarating., then getting involved in a martial art may be just what you’re looking for.

Winter is the ideal time to get yourself immersed in a martial arts discipline. As well as sheltering you from the cold,  you won’t become as hot or fatigued as quickly when the weather is colder, as opposed to summer when you may find yourself sweating buckets due to the physically-challenging nature of training sports like boxing, karate or jiu-jitsu.

This should give you time to practise and perfect your skills before the arrival of the warm weather which brings with it another set of unique challenges.

Indoor Five-A-Side Football

For a sport that blends fitness, camaraderie and excitement, nothing beats a good game of football. However, many people simply don’t fancy running around a cold field in shorts and a t-shirt while the weather’s close to freezing!

But you don’t have to let the cold weather deter you from your footballing passion as thankfully there are plenty of places you can enjoy a good kick about indoors. So grab a few mates or find a five-a-side league you can join as this is a great way to stay fit and maintain your exercise levels this winter.


Beat away those winter blues with the tranquillity of yoga classes. Seeking shelter indoors, you can engage in a myriad of stretches, poses and breathing exercises that not only provide warmth but also enhance strength, flexibility and boost mental health.

Ice Skating 

Perhaps no physical activity embodies the essence of winter quite like ice skating. Indeed, ice skating is the perfect activity to spend an hour gliding along with a partner or just by yourself, honing your skills and perfecting your balance.

If it’s warmth you’re looking for at this time of the year then obviously you won't find much of it at an ice rink! But by wrapping up with a scarf, hat and gloves, this will help keep your body heat insulated and make for a more enjoyable experience on the ice. 

So those are five hobbies for you to take up this winter to help you stay active during the colder months. If you’re a keen adventurer who doesn’t mind getting wet then winter is a great time to enjoy some wakesurfing, while yoga, five-a-side football and martial arts are all enjoyed indoors if you’re trying to get out of the cold. 

Rounding of our recommended activities is ice skating which provides endless fun and excitement and is the perfect wintertime activity.

For those keen to give watersports a try out this winter, get in touch as you can buy a life jacket, wetsuit and everything you need for a safe and enjoyable experience on the water right here.