Straight Line Sumo Sac Ballast Bag Open Bow 500


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Product Specifications:

AVAILABLE SIZES 500lbs: 63" x 48" x 8"
MPN 2159002

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Straight Line Sumo Open Bow Bag Ballast - easy to use, durable and convenient for creating larger wakes so you can have more fun riding. Ideal for placing at the front of your boat to keep the nose down.

Liquid Force SUMO Ballast System is the fastest filling ballast system in the industry! 

Equipping your boat with SUMO Ballast means less time filling and more time riding your massive wake! All of the SUMO Max ballast System is easy to use, durable and convenient. Sumo ballast is designed to work as a plug 'n play option with your factory ballast system or on deck with our high speed SUMO pumps. Available are an extensive selection of ballast bags to fit any boat or budget.

The Straight Line Sumo Open Bow Bag is designed to sit on top of your bow seats and adds 500 lbs of additional weight to the front of your boat for a longer, cleaner wake.

Every SUMO sac is double welded to ensure a watertight seal. You can see the smooth and clean seams on the outside of every bag, and a second welding operation applies an inch wide sealing tape to the inside of every seam.

Straight Line Sumo Open Bow Bag holds 500lb and measures 63" x 48" x 8". These are the most flexible, puncture-resistant ballast bags to date. Sumo Sacs are made with a sandwiched, woven polyester core for maximum strength while still remaining flexible enough for storage. Each bag is reinforced both internally and externally with glued and taped seams, creating a nearly indestructible bag.

Straight Line Sumo Open Bow 500 Bag Product Details

  • Three link valves for water and air-tight filling/draining
  • One traditional valve for compatibility with older pumps
  • Colour coded graphics for ideal boat location recommendations
  • Sumo Sac Spring-loaded link valve - creates a clean, water-tight seal that automatically opens and closes when the Uber pump is used for filling and draining, eliminating water shooting into the boat.

Load Value 500lbs measures 63" x 48" x 8"