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Brand: OBrien
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This epic kneeboard is based on the ever popular Sozo which is used by nearly all of the top professional kneeboarders in the world. Think of this as a Sozo for the cable park thanks to the impact base. This is about as good as a kneeboard is possible to get but even a good recreational kneeboarder will feel the difference. Whether youre looking for a podium finish or want to seriously up your game the Sozo will almost certainly allow you to do both. Not cheap but it really is the best!

Colour: Black Green
Size: 132cm
Year: 2019
Level: Intermediate to Advanced
Gender: Everyone

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The Delta Base chevrons on this Wakebord reduce drag for faster edging and a cleaner release off the wake.

Comes complete with strong knee strap with secure velcro fastening to help you nail those tricks.

The Fusion Core provides a combination of wood stingers and a superlight Foam Core that is 5 times stronger than a traditional Foam Core giving great pop and snap off the wake.

Perfect for expert level riders who require an advanced ride and the ultimate in performance.

The Impact resistant Durarail Protective Rails (Urethane Edge Rails) protect the core of the board from impact damage.

Designed with features that make it perform well at the cable park and behind the boat.

Features Flex Tech Technology that allows the board to flex in just the right places for explosive pop and soft controlled landings.

Perfect for intermediate level riders who require a more advanced ride.

The Twin Tip Design allows this Kneeboard to release easily off the wake when performing tricks.

The Impact Base is a fully pressure and heat treated high-density polyethylene layer on the base of the hull to protect the core of the board.

The Soft EVA Kneepad absorbs all of the lumps and bumps for a comfortable ride with less fatigue.

This Kneeboard is constructed from durable materials for a long and trouble free life.

The Integrated Moulded Channels in the hull keep you in control and tracking in a straight line.

Features a Continuous (constant curve) Rocker for a stable and forgiving ride and softer landings.


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