Liquid Force 2024 Unity Sam Brown Signature model Boat Wakeboard

Liquid Force 2024 Unity Sam Brown Signature model Boat Wakeboard

Liquid Force 2024 Unity Sam Brown Signature model Boat Wakeboard

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Product Specifications:

AVAILABLE SIZES 136, 139, 143
YEAR 2024

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Liquid Force Unity Boat Wakeboard Sam Browns signature model for Intermediate to Advanced riders

A Super smooth riding board with Aggressive Continuous Rocker for massive pop off the wake. This board uses the new Space Frame Deck Technology for a fully profiles deck shape giving you stiffness where you need it and lightness without mass,

 This board is simply majestic! We tested on at the end of 2022 at our lake and now have riders waiting for this new board, with our club wakeboard coach riding the Aero version and loving it, loose and free but with real charging style, best of all worlds, this does suit a more advanced rider with good board control

Packing all the punches from the Unity AERO in a PU core board for added durability that won't hurt your wallet. Aggressive continuous rocker is fast on the water while the warped moulded in quad fits keep the control high. This all means a fast, loose, and poppy good time!

Sam Brown Pro Model

  • Sam Brown Pro Model
  • Diamond Squaretail gives you more width at the tail for greater lift off the wake
  • Aggressive Continuous Rocker, slightly mellow but with a real pop off the steeper bigger wake
  • Precision PU Core, affordable and strong with minimal weight
  • SpaceFrame Deck Technology - Maximum Rigidity and Strategic Weight Reduction
  • Double Concave Centre Hull into Quad Concave Tips, fast water-flow
  • Fins: Deep Molded-In Quad Fins Warped shape, plenty of grip
  • 3-Position M6 Inserts, new for 2023 allows the board to flex in a natural way, no more stiff sections
  • Optimised with LF 6X/6R Bindings | Compatible with All 6" Bindings
  • Sizes: 135 | 139 | 143

Note: Main delivery of 2024 Liquid Force Wakeboards and Bindings are not expected to Land until the very end of May / Early June 2024, these will be shipped by air to UK, If you need your new Wakeboard or Bindings sooner than this, check out our special offers on 2023 models in stock now!

This is a carry over model so very limited stock available now.

Unity Wakeboard Sizes and Rider Weights:

135: 90 - 170lb / 41-77kg

139: 130 - 190 / 60-86kg

143: 160 - 210 / 73-95kg


Moulded polyurethane foam provides the ultimate centre of our standard performance boat boards. Built with lightweight durability in mind for the everyday user.


The intentionally designed deck of Sam Brown’s Aero Unity was created for maximum strength and rigidity while utilising minimum un-necessary material and bulk. The outcome gives us our very own Space Frame Deck Formulation and dramatic swing weight reduction.


The moulded-in warped quad fins were tested by Sam until the feeling was exactly what he was wanting. A ride with smooth control and dramatically less drag.

Liquid Force Unity Wakeboard description

The Liquid Force 3 position 6X Binding Inserts allow the fitment of any standard M6 wakeboard bindings but are optimised for Liquid Force 6X Bindings. Features a PU (Polyurethane) Core which is ultra strong and compression moulded to the highest standards for light weight and extra durability. Quad Fins (2 fins at each end of the board) provide the perfect combination of manoeuvrability and straight line tracking.

A great choice for more experienced riders with Intermediate level skills who are looking for a more performance-orientated board that will help them to progress quickly and easily. The Custom Progressive Continuous Rocker provides a fast ride and excellent pop off the wake.

Perfect for very competent and experienced riders who require an advanced ride and the ultimate in performance. Features an Aggressive Continuous Rocker with two exaggerated bend points at the tip and tail for the ultimate in vertical pop off the wake. 

Comes with Moulded Fins (non removable fins) that have been designed to provide the best balance of performance and stability plus incredible strength. The Concave Belly provides extra lift and gives the board excellent edge hold while also providing much softer landings. 

The Tip Channels run through the tips of the board and are there to maximise water flow and therefore maximise control and hold. The industry standard M6 Inserts allow all standard Wakeboard Bindings to be fitted to this board Allows Thinner profile boards with more binding contact and integration.