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We love kneeboarding as its pretty easy to learn the basics and the sensation of speed is epic. If youre wondering what new toys to get for your boat this year and you havent got a kneeboard already - GET ONE!

A fantastic value Kneeboard from Jobe the Streak has a built-in hydro hook that makes getting started so easy and with minimal load on the riders arms. It has a super-stable ride that beginners and intermediate riders will love and the quality foam knee pad and knee strap ensure a comfortable and exciting ride. Roto moulded for light weight and ultimate durability.

Colour: Blue
Size: 133cm
Year: 2019
Level: Beginner to Intermediate
Gender: Everyone

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The Long Sidecut Radius allows for a stable and confidence building ride.

The Soft Foam Kneepad absorbs all of the lumps and bumps for a comfortable ride with less fatigue.

Perfect for beginners who require a smooth and forgiving confidence building ride.

This Kneeboard is constructed from durable materials for a long and trouble free life.

Comes complete with strong knee strap with secure velcro fastening to help you nail those tricks.

Perfect for intermediate level riders who require a more advanced ride.

Features a Continuous (constant curve) Rocker for a stable and forgiving ride and softer landings.

The Strong Moulded Fins keep you tracking in a straight line and smashing those turns.

Made from Tough Injection Moulded plastic for the ultimate in durability and ding resistance.

The Integrated Moulded Channels in the hull keep you in control and tracking in a straight line.

Perfect for those that require a smooth and forgiving confidence building ride.

Features a Tough Roto Moulded Plastic Hull construction for the ultimate in durability and ding resistance.

Designed with a stiffer core and more features to improve performance on the smoother softer wake profile created by a boat.

Built-in Hydro Hook to make those deep water starts effortless for beginners.


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