Bern is one of the coolest helmet brands in the world. From a family run company which started 15 years ago to now bringing you stylish innovative and purpose built helmets to the sports industry.  Bern are setting the the tone for style, comfort, and safety on the streets, trails, slopes, and on the water.

Wearing a helmet for protection on a bike the snow or on the water used to mean you did not look cool!  Bern sussed this out years ago and revolutionised the Action Sports Helmet market and now produce the coolest range of helmets and body armour for all extreme sports - skate, Skateboard, BMX, Cycle, Bike Commuting with Snowboard, Ski, Winter-Sports and for H2O Water Sports including, Wakeboard, Canoe Rafting.

The first Olympic snowboard winners put Bern on the map with the Bern Baker snowboard helmet, From this starting point the Bern Watts, Macon Brentwood, G were added to make up the men's snowboarding line up. Women's helmets include Bern Brighton and Lenox Helmet, For Ladies cycling the Berkeley Melrose and new Tigre are the key products. Not just for boarding and skiing - Bern helmets are for multi sport too. Bern Watersports Helmets with Multi Impact Brock foam lining include the Watts H2O and Macon H2O watersports specific helmets. The Nina and Nino are for girls and boys. Always cheap in our discount clearance sale. As well as helmets, Bern's range includes body armour for action sports. We stock the full range of Bern summer, skate or bike helmets in our Action Sports International store.

We have the biggest selection of in-stock helmets at discount prices, we offer superb customer service with Free Delivery and World wide shipping available all at discounted prices.

Bern Melrose Bike Cycle Helmet

Bern Melrose Urban Bike Cycle Commuter Helmet with Boa AdjustmentThe Women's Bern Melrose crushes it with it´s urban cyclist styling, bold colours and...
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Bern Parker Bike Cycle Helmet

Bern Parker Women's Urban Bike helmetThe Parker Helmet by Bern has been specifically designed for adventure-seeking women, perfect as a stylish Urban ...
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