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Choosing the right Water Sports Equipment can seem quite daunting at times, but it's actually very simple once you know a few basics. The team at here at Action Sports International have therefore put these articles together to help you understand the differences between all of the various pieces of kit, what all the design features are for (and if you actually need them or not) and why some equipment will suit your needs and some definitely won't. At the end of the day, all we want is for you to feel confident that you are making an informed purchasing decision and are buying exactly the right gear for the job! These articles are based on questions we are often asked and are aimed primarily at beginners so some of the information may seem a little obvious to the more experienced out there. However, we are assuming that most beginners don't know what they don't know so we make no apologies for starting at the very beginning. We hope you find all of the information useful but if you have a question that is not covered or you just need some free friendly advice then please do get in touch and one of our expert staff will gladly assist you.


Beginner's Guide to Life Jackets & Buoyancy Aids

Ever wondered what the differences are between a Buoyancy Aid, an Impact Vest and a Life Jacket? Plus, what is a PFD and do I need one? What does 50N mean and do I care? This article explains all.


Beginner's Guide to Wakeboards

What's the difference between a Boat Wakeboard, a Cable Park Wakeboard and a Hybrid Crossover Wakeboard, and more importantly which one do I need? What size board should I buy, and what is all of this Rocker, Grind Base, and Removable Fins malarkey all about? This article explains all. 


Beginner's Guide to Wakeboard Bindings

Are velcro bindings better than lace-ups? Do all bindings fit on all boards? Do I need open-toe or closed toe and why? This article explains all.


Beginner's Guide to Water Skis

What are Combo Skis and are they right for me? Do I need 2 skis or 1? Can I just buy one pair of skis that my whole family can share? What's the difference between a Tunnel Concave and a Full Concave and do I actually care? This article explains all.


Beginner's Guide to Towable Inflatable Tubes

How much air should I put in my towable tube? What pump fits with what adaptor? How do all of the rope connectors fit together? Can I put 2 people on a 3 person towable? This article explains all.


Beginner's Guide to Stand-Up-Paddleboards (SUPs)

Should I get an inflatable SUP or a solid SUP? What length, width and volume do I need? What's the difference between a Touring SUP and a Flat Water SUP and which is right for me? This article explains all.


Beginner's Guide to Kneeboards

To start with, what is a kneeboard and will my family take to it? What is the big strap for? Do I want fins or no fins? What is a Hydro Aquatic Hook and should I get one? This article explains all.


Beginner's Guide to Wetsuits

All I want to do is buy a wetsuit but do I need Flatlock or Blindstitched construction? Why are there so many numbers used to describe the thickness of a wetsuit such as 5/4/3 and what do they mean? Do I need long arms and legs or short arms and legs and why? This article explains all.




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