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Brand: Protec
SKU: PRT-PHW-0118 1378355-118460
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Colour: Gloss Red
Size: L (58cm-60cm)
Year: 2019
Level: All Skill Levels
Gender: Mens

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Save: £19.00 (38.82%)

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This Helmet is designed to fit perfectly and stay put. Features Top and side vents for perfect air flow and cooling around your head. This Helmet is perfect for Wakeboarding. This Helmet is ideal for Kitesurfing. The anatomical design ensures that the fit of this Helmet is second to none. Breathable design keeps you comfortable all day. Designed to protect your head from all those higher impact bumps and scrapes. Ultra tough ABS thermoplastic polymer injection molded shell. This helmet is fully certified and approved by the European Committee for Standardization(CE EN). Features a strong adjustable strap to ensure the perfect fit for your comfort and safety. The lining materials used in this Helmet are designed to dry as quickly as possible. The waterproof EVA Comfort Foam Liner molds to your head for the ultimate fit and excellent protection. All of the materials used are designed to be as hard wearing as possible.

Features a Breathable Insulation and Ventilation system to keep you operating at your very best. The Chanelled Airflow Technology literally sucks air through front vents and channels it through the helmet and out of the back. This Helmet is perfect for Windsurfing. This is a great quality product that is constructed from high end materials for durability and long life. Perfect for all types and levels of water sports. Features closed cell foam to prevent water from absorbing and saturating the Helmet interior. Ideal for year-round use from Spring and Summer right through to Autumn and Winter. This helmet is designed specifically for Water Sports. Cleverly controls moisture and sweat to keep you comfortable and at your best. This Helmet is amazing for all levels of Canoeing and White Water. This helmet is great for Kayaking and White Water.


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