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Brand: OBrien
SKU: 2082371-142251
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Colour: Black Red
Size: XXXS (6.25 inch)
Year: 2017
Level: All Skill Levels
Gender: Mens

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Save: £5.00 (11.36%)

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The fingers are pre-curved so that your hand adopts a natural fist without any effort. The materials used are designed to dry as quickly as possible. Ideal for year-round use from Spring and Summer right through to Autumn and Winter. The wrist strap literally wraps around your entire wrist for a secure fit. These Gloves are ideal for any type of water sports from water skiing to kayaking to jetski to Kitesurfing to Windsurfing. Amara palms which is a synthetic leather that is very hard wearing and does not get slimey when wet. The Ergonomically Stitched Palms provide maximum flex and comfort. The materials used are designed to be as hard wearing as possible. Features Cross-Hatch Palm Stitching which is a very durable criss-cross style of stitching. The Friction Grip ensures a perfect hold on your bar or boom or paddle. These Glove provide cushioning and protection against shocks and bumps. These Gloves are brilliant for Kayaking and White Water. Neoprene backs provide comfort flexibility and warmth. These Gloves are excellent for Jetski PWC use. These Gloves cleverly control moisture and sweat to keep you comfortable and at your best.

These Gloves are great for Windsurfing. These Gloves are perfect for Water Skiing. The Thick Velcro Wrist Straps provide a perfect fit and absolute security for a confidence building ride. Designed to provide the excellent mobility and to not restrict movement. These Gloves are ideal for Kitesurfing. Designed to provide the ultimate in comfort. The materials used in these Gloves are designed to repel water and stay dry. Designed to fit perfectly and stay put in all conditions. The anatomical design ensures that the fit is second to none. Protection for your fingers with added dexterity thanks to the three quarter finger design. These Gloves are perfect for Wakeboarding. Feature Lycra stretch materials for the ultimate in flexibility and comfort. This is a great quality product that is constructed from high end materials for durability and long life.


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