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Brand: OBrien
SKU: 2192272-159917
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Colour: Black
Size: XS (Chest 28-32in)
Year: 2020
Level: All Skill Levels
Gender: Mens

Buying advice on the 2020 OBrien Traditional Vest Black Buoyancy Aid
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Price: £64.55
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Save: £12.40 (16.11%)

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Designed to protect your body from impacts and abbrasion. This is a very hard wearing product and will withstand all of the usual bumps and scrapes when you are out on the water. Perfect design and fit for recreational or advanced Water Skiing. A perfect choice for every type and standard of Stand-Up-Paddleboarding. Strong front zip design for quick and easy entry and exit. Creates a snug fit that moulds to the shape of your body. Larger arm holes for comfort and extra mobility especially when swimming or paddling. Designed specifically to allow easy movement and mobility. 2 x Fast and easy snap-lock buckle closures with strong webbing straps to keep the vest snug against your body and prevent it from riding up. Features eco-friendly BioLite construction which is a neoprene alternative that is soft and light as well as breathable. The seamless design ensures that there are no uncomfotable seams or joins. Makes and excellent vest for Towable Tube riding. Stretch materials used extensively for excellent flexibility and comfort. Perfect for all types and levels of water sports. The Unisex design and styling means that this vest will be ideal for use by male or female users.

Ideal for year-round use from Spring and Summer right through to Autumn and Winter. Ideal design and fit for boat or cable Wakeboarding. Fully adjustable to fit a wide variety of bosy shapes and sizes. Features a built in safety Jetski PWC Killcord Ring so that you can attach your lanyard kill cord to it when out on the water. This vest has been certified and approved for water sports use by the US Coast Guard (CGA). Fully ISO-certified to provide 50N of buoyancy as an aid to floatation. Soft and comfortable Premium Neoprene Outer Skin for excellent stretch characteristics and all day long comfort and convenience. Designed to provide the ultimate in comfort. Designed to fit perfectly and stay put. Great for general boating use on speed boats or sailing boats. The anatomical design ensures that the fit is second to none. The thermal properties of this vest will add insulation and warmth in all conditions. Great design and fit for general canoe or kayak use.


Buying advice on the 2020 OBrien Traditional Vest Black Buoyancy Aid


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